Aims and objects

  • To cherish and promote humanism, freedom and urge for social justice with a view to inculcating among the people social responsibility.
  • To preserve and enhance the quality of life and the amenities in theRepublicofIndia.
  • To create and promote an enlightened public opinion regarding the total environment situation.
  • To promote the development of urban and rural areas inIndiain an orderly and rational manner.
  • To conduct studies and promote awareness of the problems of environment, ecology, pollution, preservation, protection, and conservation of historic, architectural, archaeological and aesthetical buildings, precincts, artefacts and areas of scenic or natural beauty, lines of sights, roofscapes and streetlines as well as buildings etc. of social, cultural value and those associated with important persons or events.
  • To work in conjunction with, and co – ordinate or affiliate activities of groups or bodies which may have similar objectives.
  • To study Government policies and organisation and action and projects and to support their improvements or alterations.
  • To campaign for the above in all possible ways.
  • To provide a discussion forum for all shades of opinion without aligning itself with or affiliating to any political party.
  • To undertake rural /urban development activities, create awareness
  • To develop merit and establish a rural and urban research center and consultancy services and if necessary to establish and maintain laboratories and workshops.
  • To undertake educational activities

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