February 2002 : Saving five heritage villas through legal action

  • Five heritage villas were to be demolished and replaced by a commercial high rise at Altinho, Panaji.
  • The group filed a writ petition in the High Court of Bombay at Panaji in February 2002 and obtained a stay order.
  • The five villas were part of a designated Heritage Conservation Zone earmarked in 1974.

February 2002 : Preservation of the historic pillar in collaboration with the City

  • A commemorative pillar at Tonca, Caranzalem, near Panaji was lying in a state of abuse and neglect.
  • The pillar was restored, translocated out of the way of a proposed road widening scheme and its repairs celebrated with a folk dance on the street.
  • Member Raya Shankhwalker supervised the repairs with a little help from architects Rajiv and Tallulah D’Silva.

August 2002 : Preservation of a cross in collaboration with the neighbourhood

  • Member Ana Maria Goswami headed a campaign to restore a 16th century cross located on theMandoviRiverat Betim village, Bardez in her own neighbourhood.
  • Neighbours contributed to the cost of repairs (some even as modest a sum as Rs 200)
  • The World Goa Day celebrations (with a short play in English written by renowned playwright Isabel de Santa-Rita Vas and poetry reading in Konkani) were held here to celebrate the restoration
  • The cross was repaired by conservation architect Ketak Nachinolkar using traditional materials and techniques

Following the success of the Souvenir, the group decides to publish a world class magazine on Goa’s heritage. We call it “Parmal- the fragrance of Goan heritage” and decide to publish it every year.

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