January – February 2003 : Festival of the arts in the heritage neighbourhood of Fontainhas

  • A unique art festival that opened up private houses and turned them into art galleries for 2 weeks.
  • Heritage houses were given a colour wash, storm drains in the streets repaired, streets given a fresh layer of tarmac and local residents given the opportunity to discuss art with the artists and visitors
  • Fundação Oriénte, the Government of Goa and the City ofPanajiwere the main supporters of this festival.
  • Artists and craftspeople from all over the country participated in the festival.
  • Visitors from all over the world came to the festival.
  • The Fontainhas Festival of the Arts was designed as to fit into a larger plan for the revitalization of the heritage precinct.
  • The Fontainhas Festival of the Arts was subsequently held over four years with great success.

November 2003 : Saving Old GMC from demolition through dialogue with the government

  • The historic oldGoaMedicalCollegebuilding was to be demolished and made into a car park
  • Members Raya Shankhwalker and Heta Pandit met with the Chief Minister ofGoaand convinced him to reconsider the proposal
  • The historic building was saved, repaired and turned into the headquarters of the International Film Festival of India

“Parmal- the fragrance of Goan heritage” Vol 2 is published and released in November 2003

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