March 2004 : “Walking In & Around Panaji, Goa” released in collaboration with the City

  • Over 1000 heritage properties and sites with photographs and descriptions in Panaji, Ribandar and Taleigaon were published in the book
  • All copies have been distributed or sold and the book is a great source of interest for researchers and tourists toGoa

November 2004 : Map of Old Goa markers with support from Fundação Oriénte

  • With conservation architect Ketak Nachinolkar, the group prepared a map showing the layout of the old city ofGoaor Cidade de Goa now known as Velha Goa or Old Goa
  • Old markers, showing the location of various streets, colleges and markets were discovered, restored, white washed and rewritten in English and Konkani
  • This has helped researchers and visitors to Old Goa see how the old city was laid out in the 16th century

 “Parmal – the fragrance of Goan heritage” Vol 3 is published and released in November 2004

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