March 2008 : Listing of coastal villages with funding from Government of Goa

  • With support from the Department of Archives, Government of Goa, we were able to start listing of the coastal villages ofGoa
  • Pressure from beach tourism has destroyed many pristine beaches ofGoaand heritage homes on the coastal belt

June 2008 : Permissions for restoring kaavi temples from the temple owners

  • After many meetings with the owners of kaavi art temples permissions were given by the temple owners to allow us to restore these family owned monuments

June 2008 : Talk on heritage and planning for the public

  • Architect and Town Planner Dr. Manish Chalana gave a slide illustrated talk on “Heritage and Planning”
  • The talk was attended by over 150 people
  • Chairman Yatin Kakodkar and Member Raya Shankhwalker organized the talk

September 2008 : Presentation on adaptive reuse of Old GMC to the appointed committee

  • Members architect Dean D’Cruz and conservation architect Poonam Verma Mascarenhas made an impressive presentation to the Government committee for adaptive reuse of the Old GMC building
  • The outcome of the presentation and ideas is still awaited

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