Who we are

Our members come from various fields of research, professions and businesses joined together with the focused aim of awareness, protection, preservation and conservation.

Our Executive Committee comprises

Historian Prajal Sakhardande, the Chairperson of the Group, teaches at the Department  of  History,  Dhempe  College  of  Arts  and Sciences, Miramar, Panaji. He is active in the heritage conservation  movement  in  Goa  and writes regularly on  the  subject.  Prajal’s  intimate  connections  with local  communities  bring  the  Group  closer  to  ground realities. Prajal has written “Muslim History and Heritage in Goa“.

Vice-Chairperson Prof. Edgar Ribeiro, former Chief Town Planner for Town and Country Planning Organization, India is a very senior urban planner having over 40 years experience and expertise in the areas of integrated spatial planning & land use planning. He was Chairman, Delhi Development Authority and was the Director of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He has served as a Fellow of the Economic Development Institute, World Bank, and Member/Chairman of over 15 years.International/National Institutions affiliated to the area of integrated planning, as the Vice-Chairman of the International Society of City of Regional Planners of seven years, and Founder Member of Centre for Urban Poverty Alleviation.Mr. Ribeiro has worked as an urban planning specialist and/or team leader in projects like Development of Vision Plan for Lucknow, DFID-funded Kolkata Environment Improvement Project, CBC Inception Phase Consultancy, Development of Delhi Master Plan 2021 AD, Concept Plan for Chandigarh Metropolitan Region, ADB/KUIDFC –funded Concept Plan for the Southern Karnataka Region etc. He has also provided inputs in the Study of Comparative Scenario of the Metropolis of Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad for TRF, as well as Review and Reassessment of Urban Development and Planning Regulations under the prevailing Poverty Environments of developing countries of the Asian Region for UNCHS.Edgar has been involved with the education of architecture and planning for over thirty-five years, in his capacity as Director of the SPA at Delhi and as visiting faculty member of Universities of Trondheim, Norway, Leuven, Belgium, Kharagpur, Ahmedabad, Pune and Roorkee. During his illustrious career, Mr. Ribeiro, has been responsible for the regional plans for Dhanbad, Singrauli, Papankala, Greater Noida and Maneshwar amongst others. He contributed immensely to the formulation of Draft Regional Plan 2021 for Goa as Task force member. Nationally, he continues to be an important voice in the shaping of heritage – both built and natural – sensitive development policies.

Honorary Secretary, architect Poonam V Mascarenhas is engaged in unraveling and reviving the inherent wisdom of traditional building technology as she believes they offer a generically green option. A Charles Wallace Fellow- P.G. from University of York, U.K. in Conservation of Historic Buildings, she has over 20 years of pan India work experience in building with alternative technologies at Auroville, conservation and development of 22 government-owned Listed Heritage buildings at Jaipur- Amber as consultant to Intach Jaipur and PANIKA. Her listing was published as the ‘Kerala Heritage Guide’ in 2001 and has researched and authored ‘Silent Sentinels, Traditional Architecture of Coorg’ for HECAR Foundation, Mumbai. Since 2004 her firm ‘Archinova’ which has environ sensitive design as the guiding force, has conserved couple of privately owned palaces in Rajasthan along with revival of several old houses at Goa. She is the co-founding member of Goa Heritage Action Group.

Joint TreasurerCezar Pinto lives in Guirim and is the proprietor of Casa Goa, a lifestyle store in Baga. Restoration of Goan furniture is Cezar’s special interest. He brings an element of steadfastness and reliability to the Group.

Joint TreasurerAnthony Gaskell lives in Tivim and is a consultant in the field of maritime transportation, ports and logistics.

Jack Ajit Sukhija, Executive Member, is a heritage hotelier. He runs the Panjim InnPanjim Pousada and Panjim Peoples, 3 heritage hotels in Goa’s Latin Quarter, Fontainhas, Panjim

Dean D’Cruz, Executive Member, is a practising architect who specializes in conservation, product design and planning. His repertoire includes private residences, housing complexes, commercial buildings and renovation projects. Dean is the recipient of several national awards including Designer of the Year Award Special Commendation in 1999 and Excellence in Interior Design Award Commercial Category in 2000. He brings his professional expertise to the Group.

Executive Member, Sanjeev Trivedi runs a manufacturing business in educational furniture aimed at the Indian and Italian markets.

Executive Member, Rahul Basu runs a consultancy aimed at startups and small companies.

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  1. Adolfo Mascarenhas

    It is very impressive what this group is doing …..it is inclusive, goes to the core of a creative human space ….. I work in Tanzania ….started as a trainee Town Planner but resigned 6 weeks later because of racial discrimination. When I come to Goa I will make it a point to touch base. The foot print of the Goans in German East Africa and subsequently in Tanganyika Territory/ Tanzania is significant.


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