Fontainhas Walks

The first walk conducted by GHAG’s first team of trainee guides got off as scheduled on the 17th of September 2011. It was well attended by a mixed group of participants mostly students of Architecture from the local college and even one from the Paris School of Architecture, who happened to be training in Goa. The trainee guides set out well although riddled with nervous pangs at the beginning of the walk. Everyone enjoyed the pit stop where we interacted with the poii vendor and the chat with tea and cookies outside 31 de Janeiro Cafetari. Most of the participants were keen to join in on future walks and trails across Goa and were liberal with the encouragement to our trainee guides.

The second walk was conducted on the 1st of October 2011 and was well attended by a mixed group of participants – many senior citizens, visitors from London with a 2 year old baby, a couple of GHAG members and a student from Rosary’s Dona Paula. Every one enjoyed the walk soaking in the history, folklore and architecture of the old quarter of Panaji. This time we spotted a passion flower and an old metal insignia on the doorway of an old house in Sao Tome. All the participants enjoyed the walk and complimented the team of guides for sharing their tit bits of yore.

3 thoughts on “Fontainhas Walks

  1. Dhiraj Lal

    Keen to do the Fountainhas walk pl – do you have one coming up?

    I leave Goa on Dec 25. my cell is 9910110240.


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