Human – Natural Heritage

Sacred Groves

Goa is home to over 50 Sacred Groves. Sacred Groves are traditional forests maintained by the local people in order to ensure biodiversity and availability of rare herbs. Bambar and Nirancarachi Rai are particularly famous.


The Khazans of Goa are a complex agricultural – piscicultural system created in the low lying plains of Goa. These are characterised by bunds that maintain the drainage and salinity of the reclaimed swamp lands behind the bund. There are various klinds of cultivation that is practiced in the reclaimed area. As part of the traditional system, there is an annual auction of the right to all the fish caught behind the bund. Along with the right accrues the responsibility to maintain the bund.

Khazans are potentially candidates for designation as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS).


Natural caves, unless they are limestone formations, are usually not considered a part of heritage. However, Goa has a history of human caves, used for worship, as residences or as havens of safety. In particular, the vertical caves of Hollant / Isorcim beach are extremely unusual structures

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