Transportation, roads & walkways

Goa has a few heritage transportation structures. The oldest is probably the 8.5km Rajbid Road between the old ports and old capitals of Old Goa (Ella) on the Mandovi and Govapuri on the Zuari. This road dates back to the Kadamba rules of the 11th century.

The ancient port wall of Govapuri probably dates to a similar vintage

In more recent times, the outstanding Pont de Linares, the 3 km long bridge between Patto and Raibander built by the Portuguese in the 17th century, and was reputedly one of the longest bridges in the world at that time, is clearly a heritage structure.

Transportation structures from the 19th century includes the staircases that abound on the hills in Panaji, Mapusa and Margao, as well as the quaint bridges with benches all over Goa.

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