Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible heritage speaks to aspects of our heritage that do not have a physical form. No listing of Goa’s intangible cultural heritage has been done so far. Some simple examples are given below :

Culinary Heritage

Agricultural produce such as Mancurad mangoes, Moira bananas, the Benaulim Tall coconut plant, the Taleigao baingan are some famous examples of Goan varieties of fruit and vegetables.  Some of these are proposed for registration as a Geographical Indication.

The cuisine of Goa, especially fish curry & rice is a very strong cultural element in Goa. Many of the traditional Goan dishes have deep and very interesting roots. How many would guess that dishes like a Vindaloo were devised for long sea journeys, with only fresh water needing to be added. Or that Cafreals come from Africa, derived from the word “Kaffir”.

Feni, or to be precise, cashew feni, has recently been awarded a Geographical Indication, and fairly automatically becomes one of Goa’s intangible heritage

The Performing Arts

Whether Fado, Mando, Tiatr or the multitude of folk dances, Goa has a rich cultural heritage.

In Music especially, Goa has the gamut from Indian classical music (witness the nearby Dharwad Gharana), the Mangeshkar sisters of Bollywood, the more popular styles of music as arranged by doyens like Antony Gonsalves, or the rich western classical music heritage of Fado. Traditional music forms include Mando and Dulpod. Goa Trance is a form of Electronic music that is well known internationally.

Tiatr is a popular form of theatre usually performed in Konkani. There are usually shows performed on most days in one of the major cities.

Goa has a tradition of Folk Dances, which was further enhanced by the Portuguese. Some of the popular folk dances include Dhalo, Dekhni, Fugdi, Shigmo, Kunbi and the Lamp Dance. Corridinho is a dance of Portugues origin often performed in Goa.


Almost every village in Goa has a special festival. The calendar is full of Carnival, Shigmo, Sao Jaoa, Bonderam and Narkasur, festivals that are familiar and yet different.

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